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"I am  happy to say, I've sold my company to someone who loves my fudge--she's terrific, you'll love her!"  Donna McCue  See below:




Port Jefferson, NY  November 2, 2014


Chocology Unlimited is honored to be introducing its newly acquired company, Fat Ass Fudge, originally founded by Donna McCue of East Hampton, NY.

“The velvety smooth fudge is home made in small batches with organic ingredients,” states Linda Johnson, Managing Director and owner of Chocology Limited (UK) and Chocology Unlimited. “It harmonizes nicely with what we are already doing with Chocology and we think our customers will appreciate the decadence and integrity of the product.”

Keeping in line with Chocology’s philosophy of providing quality products along with education, Fat Ass Fudge is sure to compliment Chocology’s existing fine products.

Linda and her daughter Madeline (Official Chocolate Taster) met Donna at a Whole Foods market several years ago. Donna befriended Madeline and they have kept in touch. Linda says, “We’ve never forgotten how kind Donna has been to Madeline through the years. When we saw her on “Shark Tank”, I thought to myself, I’d like to partner with her someday.” Instead, when Donna decided to sell Fat Ass Fudge, Linda was first in line.

“For the past several months, we have worked closely with Donna in our test kitchen to be sure that the transition is smooth and that we understand her business and recipes well,” states Linda. “We love what she’s done with her company. Donna will officially pass the torch to Chocology on Sunday, November 2nd.”

Chocology will keep the name Fat Ass Fudge and use it as a description for their new product line. Four flavors of fudge will be offered in the beginning with additional flavors and products to come in the future.

“Donna McCue will stand in as an advisor to Chocology for as long as she is willing,” states Linda. “Her expertise and creativity is an integral part of making this transition seamless.”

Linda explains, “Donna has an interesting story, she is regarded as a staple in the East Hampton’s Farmers Markets and is celebrated for her contributions to the home made gourmet fudge market,  Her fudge is loved by many people across the country.”

You can read more about Donna McCue and Fat Ass Fudge at Fat-assfudge.com. Linda plans to keep the Fat Ass website up indefinitely as a convenience for the established customers.

“We are excited about our new acquisition and look forward to carrying on the legacy that Donna McCue started” Linda concludes.



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The name, Fat Ass Fudge, will make you smile. You can taste the delectable pleasure and pure ingredients in every bite. Our heavenly, handmade fudge is rich, delicious, and completely natural. It is made with organic goat's milk; gluten and lactose free.The rich creamy texture of this fudge will leave your saying "Oh my God, this is so good!"